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Buy online service for signage and graphics, sign makers supplying: shop front fascia and window requirements; car and vehicle  graphics; site safety notice boards; exhibition signage and much more ....... based midway between Bath and Bristol

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Custom Canvas Prints, stretch mounted over a moulded wood frame - (colour or B/W)
Example custom canvas print

Available from 8" x 8" to 48" x 48"
with any 1" width or height increment in between,
i.e both rectangular or square 'frame shapes' to enable a pleasing fit to your chosen location.

Nominal frame depth is 3/4"

Follow the process below to order your custom canvas prints:

Your source image needs to be in an electronic file format with a .jpg extension. Most digital cameras produce .jpg files by default when you take a picture. For best results, use the largest image size and finest quality settings on your camera. If your source image is not in electronic format, you will need to obtain an electronic version using a scanner. Note, to achieve good quality custom canvas print results, we recommend minimum electronic image file sizes vs frame sizes. See the table to the right for guidance. The file you upload must meet these minimum requirements to ensure a good quality custom canvas print is achieved at your chosen frame size. Uploaded image file sizes larger than minimum recommended can be beneficial if you have them.

You now need to decide the width and height of the wooden frame you require for your custom canvas print and hence what its frame 'shape number' will be. The frame 'shape number' is simply a number you will use to ensure your source image is the correct shape to fit the wooden frame. The frame 'shape number' is simply the width of the wooden frame divided by its height. To enable selection from the available frame shapes the frame 'shape number' needs to be between 0.17 and 6.00 and to two decimal places i.e. a number like 0.67. A frame 'shape number' of 1.00 will be a square frame whilst a 6.00 or 0.17 will be a long and thin frame. A number in between 0.17 and 6.00 will be a frame shape somewhere in between – some frame 'shape number' examples are shown to the right as guidance. As an example, lets say you want a wooden frame with width 24" and height 36". Use our frame 'shape number' look-up table which shows the frame 'shape number' to be 0.67 for these sizes. Note that the look-up table can be used to find the frame 'shape numbers' for wooden frames with heights and widths between 8" and 48". Use the zoom facility in your browser to view the table more easily if necessary.

You will likley need to crop your source image using an image processing application to obtain the square or rectangular 'area of interest' that you wish to appear on the custom canvas print face plus when in full size a 3" band all around the edge. Note, you will probably need to estimate the width of this band when working on-screen in your graphics processing application. This square or rectangle must have the same 'shape number' as for the wooden frame size you have chosen. In our example this will be 0.67. Most graphic processing applications give this 'shape number' value on-screen if it is enabled to view. The 3" band around the edges of the full sized 'area of interest' is to cater for canvas that will be wrapped around and stapled to the back of the wooden frame.

You may prefer to work the other way round and determine the 'shape number' of the 'area of interest' on your source image and then use this to work out what wooden frame size would be appropriate from the look-up table. Lets say your 'area of interest' 'shape number' is 0.67. In this case you decide what length in inches the longest edge of the custom canvas print wooden frame will be to look pleasing when hung in the intended location. Lets say it is the height and it is 36". Look for 36" on the height bar of the frame 'shape number' look-up table and then run your eye across the associated row untill you find the number 0.67. When you find this number run your eye from the number up or down to the width bar and read off the width number which is in this case 24". In other words, your 0.67 'shape number' requires a wooden frame size of height 36" and width 24". If you cannot find an exact 'shape number' do not worry, just use the nearest number you can find. If in your case it is the width of the custom canvas print that is the longest side simply start from the width bar instead.

Custom Canvas Prints Sign Code: CPRINT




Select the 'frame shape price band' that matches the width and height you have selected for your custom canvas print.

Note: You will be asked to upload your image file from your computer storage device after clicking on the add to basket button.


Table of recommended minimum file size (MB) vs frame size for our custom canvas prints

Diagram showing some typical 'Shape Numbers' examples for our custom canvas prints

Source image example for custom canvas print showing 'area of interest' bounded by a yellow rectangle and hence showing the 3" band around all edges required to enable canvas to be wrapped around the wooden frame


You will now have all the information you need to place your custom canvas print order. Just select the height and width of the custom canvas print you require, select the price band and add to basket. You will then be asked to upload your image file. To do this, click on the browse button and direct your PC to the folder containing your image file, select that file and upload. Finally, complete the checkout process wich allows you to buy more than one copy of your custom canvas print if you wish.

Please Note: Delivery charges for Custom Canvas Prints with a longest side of 18" or less are by First Class Royal Mail. Sizes greater than 18"are by Interlink at their up to 10 kg rate.

If you find the above instructions too complex, just select the height and width of the custom canvas print you require, select the corresponding frame shape price band, add to basket and upload whatever shape/sized image file you have. Hopefully we will be able to produce a quality custom canvas print for you. If we cannot do this, we will contact you and let you know what can be achieved and if this is not acceptable we will refund your payment in full.

All 'Custom Canvas Prints' prices are inclusive of VAT
If you can't find the sign you are looking for simply phone, fax, e-mail Tina, or use our handy
message / enquiry form - we are normally able to satisfy most requirements!

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